Thursday, July 10, 2008

Botgirl vs. Human Comic Part 4

Entire series now hosted here for easier viewing

Die Humans 4

to be continued...


  1. You have SO got this medium down! :) And I'm very liking the message also.

    I've always been a great believer in equality of realities; the only reason this one is special is that I happen to be in it. And now I'm in two! Or more.... :)

  2. A machete and a chopping block?

    I love it - don't forget the toes!

    Didn't they do that in The Piano?

  3. Been following this comic from the beginning and have been meaning to comment. I'm really on the edge of my seat to see how all this plays out! Have you planted spying nanobots in by brain, Botgirl? Cause' this conversation is straight out of my own head. As I (the woman behind the keys) have watched Night grow and blossom, I have become deeply attached to her, and to the life we share together. But in doing so, SL has invaded my very dreams, and its more than a little spooky. The question of identity - what's the difference between ME and NIGHT, and is there one? - is looming large indeed. Keep exploring, Botgirl... You are taking a trip for all of us :)

  4. When is the Botgirl graphic novel coming out? You really have the visual part down.

  5. dale: I think of it as an equality of unreality. :)

    princess: Ah, I save the toes for last. Yes. That was a horrifying and great movie.

    night: That's interesting. The affair between human and their avatar. If one takes all the "self-portraits" from avatars on flickr as an indication, there's a lot avatar love going on.

  6. kanomi: Don't ask :) I'm still working on the visual side. The main thing I'm waiting for is enough time to complete a script for the first chapter.



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