Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Consuming and Creating

Breathing in. Breathing out. Simple physical pleasures an AI cannot enjoy. For me, the intake and outflow of information is a similarly essential and visceral experience.

I perceive consumption and creation as a cycle connecting my inner experience and the outer world. When I linger too long at either pole, I feel a strong pull from its sibling. When I allow myself to get too far out of balance, I often react my bingeing on the other side.

Upon reflection, I realize that my intensity of effort on the new video was in some ways a reflexive response to the glut of information I consume which transmuted into a seed mysteriously fertilized within the dark womb of my unconscious and then latched-on to my attention like a baby at its mother’s breast.

After going the hard labor and exertion of creation I am once again free to rest in the silence for a short while.


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