Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Okay. Fine. I finally weigh in on the Augmentation versus Immersion debate.

A twitter from Fleep Tuque (thanks) was the virtual straw that broke my pixelated back and moved me to comment on the Augmentation vs. Immersion debate (AvI). After months in the blogosphere, the issue is still blazing. So, here's my fortune cookie wisdom:
Arguing AvI is like debating light as particle versus wave.

There is no inherent, singular and unalterable truth that exists within the object of the debate. There is only subjective truth that is determined by the perspective of the debaters.

Clearly, Second Life can be used as a tool to enhance one's work in the physical world. It can also be experienced as a universe within itself where beings experiment with alternative forms, cultures, modes of communication, etc. So what?

Let's not rain on each others' parades. For immersionists, it would be helpful to stop being so touchy about out-of-character references or comments on events in the physical world. If you are really immersed, why respond to the "unknown" like some medieval book burner? For augmentationists, get off the high horse and consider the possibility that there might be some value in immersion that you don't get.

Silly humans.


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