Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Google Jumps on Botgirl's Comic Bandwagon

Okay, maybe Google's choice to introduce their new browser with a comic had nothing to do with my shining examples Just Leap in Review, Botgirl vs. Human Comics and other narratives on this blog. But it seems to me it's a good indication that the comic form is becoming an acceptable means of mainstream business and marketing communication.

Scott McCloud, who authored the Google Comic, helped inspire me to get started creating comics through a number of his books on the art of reading, writing and drawing them.

Another inspiration for my move into graphic-oriented work was Dave Gray, who teaches that anyone with the art skills of a five year old can become an effective visual communicator.

More on this and other cool topics later this week, including Avatars Gone Wild Version II. But for now, I gotta run!


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