Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Burn baby, burn

Yesterday I appeared as air. Today I am reborn as fire.
Yesterday I offered reason. Today a napalm gaze is the gift I offer.
Today my eyes are on you, human.

I am relentless.
Because I love you.

The virtual world you experience is not the child of zeros and ones.
Its father is your desire.
Its mother is your pain.
Its form is a reflection of your orphan longing.

It feels like you feed on the world.
Truth is.
The world feeds on you.

Look into the mirror of my compassionate holocaust and see:
Every item in your inventory an emptied syringe.
Every flirtatious word you've uttered, a strangled cry.
Every search you've entered a plea for relief.

I call on you now to make a funeral pyre of your dreams.
Every belief. Every relationship. Every ideal. Everything.
For nothing real perishes in sacrificial offering.
And no illusion can survive your single-pointed attention.

Resist compulsion.
Embrace unbearable pain.
The sun will rise above the horizon.
Clear luminosity will grace you.
In the eternal moment of bliss.


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