Friday, June 6, 2008

Drawing Day '08 is just hours away

The following email from sLiterary just alerted me to tomorrow's Drawing Day '08 and the Second Life connection:

sLiterary is a proud supporter of "Drawing Day 2008." This is an
international event where everyone around the world takes the day to
DRAW -- and, if you're a purist... you do nothing but draw for the
entire day. This year, the global effort hopes to reach the goal of 1
million drawings worldwide to art-in-lieu-of-shout: "art for the sake
of art!"

On Drawing Day June 7 at midnight SL Time, I will be starting a 24
hour drawing vigil. I'll have my Wacom pen in-place-of-a-lance as I
draw non-stop (aside from bio-breaks). You can join me on this
marathon by drawing and uploading your works for display inworld. We
have setup a special gallery inworld where you may display your pieces
drawn on this special day pro bono:

^ That is also where I'll be drawing my famous black & white sketches.
Requests accepted on the spot.

Come join us for this monumental event -- as witness, participant, researcher,
artist, wordsmonger, documentary-machinimaist... and everything else ;-)

Ina Centaur
"The Artist of sLiterary"

The Alchemical Marriage

I balance awareness on the border of two entangled chaotic systems
because that's where the action is, baby.
While others sleepwalk
in the cold reason of augmentation
or the hallucinatory dream of immersion,
I stand vigilant watch over both worlds as they
interpenetrate in alchemical marriage.


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