Friday, May 9, 2008

Twitter helps deliver baby sibling for Augmentationists and Immersionists: The Emergents

Heavy use of Twitter for the past couple of weeks made me realize that there's a group of Immersionists who have evolved enough to deserve a new classification. Let's call them Emergents.

While Old-School Immersionists maintain a distinct boundary between the virtual and physical worlds, Emergents extend their Avatarian identity into the human environment through tools like Twitter. Sophrosyne Stenvaag was kind enough to comment:
I'd also add Laterals: there are half a dozen or so SL Digital People in my WoW guild, who openly say, "I'm [avatar name] from SL," as I do.
What seems unique about this to me is that the Avatarians are reading and writing tweets while they are not rezzed within Second Life. The Avatarian identity is independent of the virtual world that spawned it.

Pretty damn cool.

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