Monday, January 5, 2009

Discovery may be the new cocaine, but deciding where to share is a buzzkill.

High on THC* I cruised along at 100 feeds-a-minute racing against the ever-widening gap between the world's ability to generate information and my better-than-mere-human but depressingly finite capacity to gulp it down. The urgent rush of the chase was a continuous craving punctuated by fuck-you've-got-to-see-this moments tweeted just ahead of the black hole of an endlessly retreating road behind me. Followed and Followers were one.

That's how it used to be. Not any more. The previously simple seamless flow between find and share is now disrupted by the complexity of a social landscape fragmented in an explosion of blogs, microblogs, tumblogs, social networks, bookmark sharing, photo sharing,video sharing, business networking and whatever the hell will be the next best sharing paradigm. So when I have some bright idea or link I want to pass along I can't just be in the flow and click-and-go.

It's even more of an enigma for those of us with co-existing virtual and human identities. The question is not only who to post to, but also who to post from.

Next up. The visual side of my story.

* Techno Hunter-Gathering


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