Friday, October 17, 2008

The Top Ten Signs Your Virtual Identity Has Taken Over

  1. You'd rather have a 3-way with Codie and Gabby than with Brad and Angelina
  2. When asked if you've ever read Hamlet, you say NWN is your favorite blog
  3. You spell hot "hawt"
  4. When your RL date returns from the restroom, you say "Welcome Back!"
  5. The first email and social networking accounts you check each day are your avatar's
  6. Even your alt gets laid more than your human
  7. You have more photos of your avatar on Flickr than of your RL kids
  8. Your avatar has more shoes in her inventory than Imelda Marcos had in her closet
  9. The real estate crisis that keeps you up at night is mainland property down to $3L per meter
  10. The election you're following most closely is the race for Top Ten Hot Male Avatar


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