Thursday, June 26, 2008

What emotion is this little dude feeling?

what emotion?


  1. Nice an' ambiguous! My first reaction was that little dude is feeling "yahhhhh!" as e falls into swirling abyss, but then the blue color is somehow so nice that e started feeling "wheee!", and shortly after was feeling "mmmmmm" as it turned out e was actually lying all comfy in the middle of a huge slightly tangled nice soft blanket or sheet or something.

    Like that vases-an'-faces picture. :)

  2. Confusion. Wondering why he's suddenly alarmed about falling when nothing bad is going to happen if he hits the ground. I sometimes wonder if on long enough will losing the sense of alert when falling cause dangerous RL implications.

  3. I think he knows he's going somewhere he wants to go, but isn't quite sure where. Maybe a combination of anticipation and glee with a little fear only because he is falling through an abyss.



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