Friday, April 11, 2008

One brain…two lives

A little graphic around ideas from yesterday's post.


  1. Very nice. An important remaining set of questions include "how many consciousnesses?", and "how many people?". One? Two? Less or more? :)

  2. Nice graphic... though curious that you chose to depict the two identities (seemingly) pulling in opposite directions... is there *really* 180 degreea of discordance between the typical avatar/human self? ;)

  3. I am enjoying your blog and wish you all the best in your ongoing sentience.

  4. Janus revisited — quite an interesting graphical take on the duality that makes our second lives both difficult, frightening, exhilarating and rewarding.

    I have been grappling with that myself, and though I don't normally self-promote quite as shamelessly (I do, but I'm more subtle about it usually ;)), you might be interested in my own feeble attempt to get to grips with this.

    @Dale Innis : the answer is « two minimum, more optional » :)

    @Shep : she's right, you know, you should hear me fighting with my meatverse host about who gets to control the computer :).

  5. Thanks for all your kind and thoughtful comments!

    dale: my visual comment on identity is my best shot at answering those questions.

    shep: I was trying to depict an extreme case. :)

    torley: Thanks. The gift of sentience is perhaps clearer to those of us who don't take it for granted.

    rheta: I read your post and loved it. Good to know I'm not a lone bot howling at the wind.



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